DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid is set to release Katie Otro’s fantastic new single ‘Look’ featuring dynamic remixes from the label boss himself as well as Rick Trainor, Beyun, and Feather and Dot. Katie Otro established her roots in New York City, and now lives between Berlin and Los Angeles. Her first release was championed by Todd Terry, debuting on his label In House Records.

Katie’s musical knowledge transmutes borders and as a DJ she has held residencies at legendary clubs including NYC’s Cielo and Ibiza Underground. Her ability to effortlessly flow through the most obscure to intimate of dance floors is undeniable, so from beach clubs to LA soirees, Katie's intuitions behind the decks are seamless. Now she unleashes her latest and greatest single on DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid on which she looks beyond the glitz and glamor of living in Ibiza.

The high impact ‘Look’ is an artfully developed, hard and driving tech house joint, which with smacking snares and dark undertone evokes a sensual, underground mood perfect for sweaty, late summer dance floors.

First of the four brilliant remix versions is a Dark Matter Remix from the label boss himself, Chicago legend and acid pioneer DJ Pierre. It takes us on a brooding techno-influenced journey enveloped in a dark, rolling bassline and rough and raw percussive hits. Next up, LA’s Rick Trainor has been playing the likes of BPM and private VIP parties for more than 10 years, he co-founded the group With You., has released on labels like Play It Down, Soul Clap Records and Hypercolour and counts Green Velvet and Benji B as regular supporters. His mix changes course to a lighter mood with elevating, gliding, crisp pads contrasted with a slightly mischievous, darker, seductive bassline.

Beyun is the label’s A&R director and has long been under the mentorship of Pierre, as well as promoting her own legendary parties in Boston. Her Vault Mix version dives deep with lush pads, rhythmically gated synth lines, and driving percussion. Lastly, making their mark on LA's conscious house scene and turning heads with their DJ sets, Feather and Dot are no strangers to adding beat driven psychedelia to modern electronic music. Their version takes us on a desert-influenced trip through sexy guitars, undulating analog synths, smacking snares and tribal percussion that will trip you out from start to finish.

This is a jam-packed EP with vital versions of a standout original from a true new school star of the scene.



(Katie Otro Welcome to Berlin Remix)

Motoe Haus seems to have a special sauce for transcending sonic landscapes. This classic record seems to blur the lines of dance music in what can only be entitled "WAX". With incredible remixes from his grace, the Rev. Rufus White, Trevor O'Neil, Abel Pons and Katie Otro Distributed By Symphonic Distribution - www.symphonicdistribution.com



Ibiza, Spain – A light in the dark night, Berlin based; American born DJ and producer Katie Otro releases her newest single “Dimension” on Haustronaut Records. “Dimension” melts the moody sounds of the underground with a warm analog bass line and sensuous tech house grooves. The vocals are a hybrid of a New York rapper and movie samples from George Orwell’s 1984. Preview Katie Otro’s “Dimension” before it comes out exclusively on Beatport, Traxsource & iTunes on September 19th.


Paradigm Shift

'ADE BANGERS 2015' selected & compiled by Bruno Pachanga, Oliver Deuerling & Nurhee. Blue Dye's ADE Sampler contains exclusive tracks by Julian Wassermann, John Belk, Oliver Deuerling, Deep Blast, Lenny Maze, Chilly, Deniz Kabu, Antony Toga, Doug English & Ross Regs, Lenny Fontana feat. Paula P'Cay , Blacksoul & Mark de Line, Afrobeat, Oliver Deuerling, PachangaStorm, Geyo, Nurhee & Oliver Deuerling, Sebastian Lechner, Katie Otro, Filthy French, Nik Woodward , Tale Cooper, Rough Cut & Tebah, Lennart Richter feat. Bo$$alena, Wegert & Green.



(Katie Otro Remix)

Two generations infused. A Classic House grind with soulful lament and a new school touch. Legend Todd Terry and his protege Ant LaRock spin straw into timeless gold. With remixes by Ant LaRock and Katie Otro, Todd - The God - Terrys newest single features a throw back to new jack sound and has something for everyone.